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Looking for a bouncy castle for rent for your next party or event? Look no further, through this page you can find a company that provides high quality commercial bouncy castles for rent in all counties and cities. Bouncy Castles for rent are provide a lot of fun and joy for a wide range of ages. Toddlers as young as two to three years old can enjoy a bouncy castle, as well as, adults in their forties and fifties. Bouncy Castles for rent also provide a good amount of exercise and put a bounce in peoples lives. These colorful creations put a smile on kids faces and leave a party with guests that are impacted with joy.

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Questions to Ask When Renting:

  1. Bullet Is the company insured? Do they have a current certificate to show their insurance and how much it covers?

  2. How long has the company been in business? Is it a fly-by-night company?

  3. Are safety rules provided or labeled on products?

  4. What reviews does the company have? are they on Yelp, what kind of reviews do they have?

  5. How old are the products they provide?

  6. Made on a Mac Do they clean their products after every use? What do they use to clean their inflatables?

  7. Is the rental company apart of any safety organizations like

  8. Is the company on any social sites? on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

  9. Directory of Bouncy Castles For Rent What forms of payments does the company offer? Do they require a deposit to secure the rental?

  10. shapeimage_7_link_0 Does the company offer online checkout? Do they send a confirmation or give you a reference number?

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Directory of Bouncy Castles For Rent
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Looking for a bouncy castle for rent for your next event? Look no further, Magic Jump Rentals is one of the biggest bouncy castle rental companies specializing in delivering fun and colorful bouncy castles for all ages. With over 200 different commercial bouncy castles to choose from, Magic Jump Rentals has anything and everything you will need for a great event. Magic Jump is fully insured and can be found on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and even Instagram. Magic Jump Rentals provides an easy and convenient form of online rentals where your desired bouncy castle can be rented in 3 easy steps. Magic Jump Rentals currently has multiple locations for a greater service area with a location providing Southern California Bouncy Castles and Northern California bouncy castle rentals for bigger events and occasions.

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