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Looking for a high quality commercial bouncy castle for sale? Look no further, we have the industry’s leading inflatable manufacturer of bouncy castles with a track record of durable, safe, and innovative bouncy castles. Magic Jump has been in business since 1996 and provides U.S. designed and manufactured commercial bouncy castles which are sold world-wide! Magic Jump’s bouncy castles have been featured on shows, movies, and news stations, and have been trusted by thousands of consumers. All of Magic Jump’s commercial bouncy castles are lead free, use commercial grade 18 oz vinyl, include all supplies, owners manual and warranty.

World’s Greatest Bouncy Castle Manufacturer
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The Ion channel show “World’s Greatest” featured Magic Jump as the worlds greatest bouncy castle manufacturer. After a thorough processing of researching the bouncy castle industry and going over bouncy castle manufacturers, How 2 Media selected Magic Jump to feature for a variety of reasons. Magic Jump not only provides high quality commercial bouncy castles, but also provides great customer service that is unmatched by anyone else. Magic Jump helps its clients by taking the time to educate them about bouncy castles and helps by pointing them in the right direction. Magic Jump has also helped its clients by creating tools like an online rental software and online bouncy castle directory to help streamline its clients businesses.

All Bouncy Castles For Sale

Choose one of the categories above to see more product options. Magic Jump has over 200 different types of commercial bouncy castles to choose from. If you don’t find one that fits your needs, go ahead and give us a call at 877-847-1313 and we can create a custom bouncy castle for you!

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commercial bouncy castle for sale

Don’t know the difference between residential bouncy castle sold at major retail stores and a commercial bouncy castle sold by Magic Jump? View our Buying Advice page to learn about the main differences and why residential bouncy castles just don’t hold up like a commercial bouncy castle. Read More

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